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Small, technologically advanced, affordable car breathalyzer ignition interlock devices in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa

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What is a Nebraska Ignition Interlock Device?

Simply put, an ignition interlock device is an electronic device connected directly to your vehicle.  It is a car breathalyzer that requires a clean breath sample.  It will prevent the engine from starting in the event that it detects alcohol over a preset limit.  The device will not damage your vehicle and will work and any make and model.  Our technicians are certified and have installed thousands of devices.  The 20/20 pictured here is the most technologically advanced unit.  It has incredibly fast testing and remote unlocking to prevent being towed.

Who Needs an Ignition Interlock device in Nebraska?

Anyone convicted of a DUI that is required by the court or DMV to install an Ingition Interlock Device for license or court restrictions.  Or those who want to protect a family member.  You can find a list of Nebraska conditions on our Nebraska Page.  Ignition Interlock is an option in almost every DUI in Nebraska. To drive it will require that you have an ignition interlock, or car breathalyzer device installed for a preset amount of time.  Time limits depend on the number of DUI or test refusal violations you have had prior.

How does an Ignition Interlock work?

The device will require you to take a breath test to start your vehicle.  the test takes 6-7 seconds to complete.  Our device then analyzes the test in less than ONE SECOND.  If alcohol free, you then can start your vehicle.  Random tests are required once your vehicle is started.  Read more about frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

What makes Smart Start the Best in Ignition Interlock for Nebraska?

Smart Start offers the Fastest, Smallest, most Technologically Advanced Ignition Interlock Breathalyzer devices.  We have been the leader for years becuase of our service to our customers.  We offer the most reliable devices for the lowest prices.  We offer 24 hour support, so you are covered at ALL times.  

What does this mean for you?

Smart Start gives it to you straight forward, you won't have to worry about finding hidden fees later.  No misleading contracts or tactics.  We have no deposits, paying mulitiple months in advance or early termination fees.  We don't have long fixed length contracts, missed appointment fees or tow in charges.  We include tax in our pricing, don't charge to calibrate the device, offer free 24 hour service and have local technicians to take care of you.  Simply the best interlock experience, without the high prices.  Best Equipment, Best Service, Best Price!

Where can you Install an Interlock Device in Nebraska?

We are all over the state of Nebraska.  You can find a map of our statewide service network by clicking here.  We have over 30 facilities to serve you.  We have physical locations to serve you from day one till you are removed.  We are not going to meet you in a parking lot, only to leave you stranded the next day.  We will be there if you ever have questions and always there for service.  We have Nebraska covered.



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