Omaha Ignition Interlock | Omaha Nebraska Car Breathalyzer

Looking for an Ignition Interlock device in Omaha Nebraska?  Smart Start is the Smart Choice for Ignition Interlock in Omaha Nebraska.  We have three Nebraska Ignition Interlock locations in Omaha for installation and monthly servicing of your Nebraska Ignition Interlock device.

Smart Start has the best in pricing and product.  Smart Start will offer you the lowest price, highest quality Ignition Interlock device on the market today.  Smart Start has long been the leader in Ignition Interlock technology.  We have technology that saves you time and money, such as our remote unlocking, which prevents you from having to have you vehicle towed in the event you have a positive alcohol reading.

Smart Start also offers a very fast and reliable device.  Why settle for a device that take minutes to warm-up and analyze your test when you can have the Smart Start one second test analyzing.

We offer several convenient locations to have your Nebraska DMV approved Ignition Interlock installed right here in Omaha.  Click here to view our certified Nebraska Ignition Interlock installation and service centers.

Be careful for attractive offers to get you to install an old an outdated device.  Many offer special deals but fail to tell you there are additional monthly “service” charges or “calibration” charges.  We have no “setup fees” or “early termination” fees.  We just provide you with what you expect, a reliable, fast, cost efficient device with local facilities to service you.  We also offer over 1000 facilities nationwide to service your device, feel free to roam we will be there.

Call us today to schedule your Nebraska Ignition Interlock device installation.  We will complete your paperwork before your appointment and have it waiting for you at our shop. You will have convenient scheduling, 24 hour service, and a fast and accurate state of the art device.  No one wants an ignition interlock, but if you are required to have one why not have the BEST for less than the rest.  No hidden fees, no pricing games, we give it to you straight and won’t let you down.

1-866-747-8278 or Schedule your Nebraska Ignition Interlock Installation online to save time and money.  Free installation for anyone booking online that has a term of 6 months or longer.