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Who needs and Ignition Interlock in Nebraska?
  • On our Nebraska Forms Page  you will find a chart that shows the current requirements as well as the a chart showing the changes as of 1/1/2012.  Please feel free to Contact Us for more information on what your requirements are.  We can also assist you when you call us at 1-866-747-8278.
  • Anyone wishing to operate a motor vehicle on the list below, after serving the mandatory suspension time.
  • Anyone eligible and wishing to remove 6 Points from their driving record.  

What is the process?
  • Go to court and get the Judge's court order for interlock.  Obtain a certified copy of the order from the clerk. (Around $1.50)
  • Get your Smart Start ignition interlock installed on your vehicle by our certified installers.  Your car will not be harmed in any way.
  • Send the court order, interlock install form (which we will fill fill out and hand to you), copy of old DL (if you still have it), and any other arrest documentation to the NEBRASKA STATE DMV by either Mail or Fax.  (Cannot fax if you still have your physical license.  We recommend driving to Lincoln to save time if possible.)
  • Once the state gets this information they will review and mail out a CERTIFIED AUTHORIZATION LETTER to your address that they have on file.  MUST HAVE CURRENT ADDRESS ON FILE.
  • When you get the letter you will take it to your local DM and purchase an Ignition Interlock DL.  The cost for this is $47.50.
  • You will receive a paper copy of your IIP from the DMV which is valid for one month.  Within this month time period you should receive, in the mail, a hard copy of your IIP.  This is a hard copy license with an expiration date on it.  The date is a nice feature because it will let you know the exact date that you can have the interlock device removed.  This license looks just like a normal state license, but is a different color and says IID/IIP on it.
  • Once you have obtained this YOU ARE LEGAL TO DRIVE!  Congratulations!
  • ****Keep in mind, you are not legal to drive until you have completed the process above.  You don't want to get pulled over and not have your IID/IIP.****
  • This process needs to be completed to be eligible to erase the 6 points on your Driving Record.

What you get when you choose Smart Start Ignition Interlock?
  • Smallest most technologically advance ignition interlock device available in Nebraska.
  • Best Device at the Best Price.  Our pricing includes everything so you are not blindsided by extra charges you weren't told about up front.  
  • No Large Deposits, Long Term Contracts, Large Early Termination Fees, Extra Service or Calibration Charges, Missed Appointment Fees or any of the other games.  Best Device, one Price, no Games.  Simply the best device and service in Nebraska.
  • Free 24 Hour support.  Should you have any questions, Smart Start of Nebraska will be available by phone to support you.
  • Our support goes much further than that though.  We will come to you or pay to have you towed to us in the event you ever have a unit related issue.  While this happens very rarely, you are covered from every angle with Smart Start.
  • State and Nationwide Network of Providers.  We not only cover the entire state of Nebraska We also cover almost every state in the Nation.  This allows you freedom to travel, and never be far from one of our locations.
  • Physical service providers.  Be wary when a company wants to install at your house or in a parking lot.  This just means they will not be around if you have a problem.  For your safety only install at a physical location.  We have been serving Nebraska for years and will make sure you are taken care of.
  • Electronic reporting to the State of Nebraska.  You will not have to worry about getting credit for your time served on the interlock.  We report electronically and provide you with all the paperwork necessary to complete the process.  
  • You get the Leader in Alcohol Monitoring Technology.  We are professionals, and have been doing this for years.  You can rest assured you will have constant support if you need it during your interlock requirement.
  • DISCRETE and COURTEOUS service.  Your privacy will never be in question.  We keep all paperwork confidential, all paperwork is stored off site and only shared with the state of Nebraska or monitoring authorities.